Apogee Minerals

They don’t have a silver mine yet but they have a very attractive resource, quite risky, in Bolivia. They are in business with the state owned mining companies which helps mitigate the political risk a little. Feels that silver is going to bounce back. Stock got very cheap when a big owner had to dump a lot of stock when his fund was being redeemed. Speculative buy so you have to be ready to lose your money as they are not making any money and are going to have to raise more cash.

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Apogee Minerals

Exploring in Bolivia and Chile. Companies like this are not very interesting to him. In 2008, there were 60 million shares and currently there are about 300 million. He would wonder if there might be a stock consolidation at some point. Finally got some revenues of about $600,000 from their Bolivian operations but he wonders how sustainable this is. A lot of risks associated with this.

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Apogee Minerals
In Bolivia, which has nationalized a couple of companies. This company is doing a bit of trial mining right now with that small number of people actually producing some silver. Challenging.
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Apogee Minerals
(Market Call Minute.) In Bolivia and the appetite and political is not high. (?)
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Apogee Minerals
Big silver deposit and trades at a very big discount to anything in the silver space because it is in Bolivia. You can operate and do business in Bolivia and this is why he owns this one.
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Apogee Minerals
Has a significant find. The problem is that it is in Bolivia. Thinks it is overdone and thinks it is worth the risk. Undervalued relative to the asset. Speculative so just buy a little.
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What is Apogee Minerals stock symbol?

Apogee Minerals is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol APE-X on the (). It is usually referred to as or APE-X

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