While most stocks are flat or down, big tech has gotten ahead of themselves, so the recent sell-off was needed. Her picks today will be defensive. Ahead, there is Covid uncertainty with lockdowns possible and the looming U.S. election. Defensives include income stocks and consumer staples whose valuations are far more reasonable than the momentum stocks. We saw a very fast recovery this year. It's difficult to time the market. if you had sold at the (March) bottom, it's hard to chase and get back in. Six months after March, some highs have surpassed those March highs. She owns financially sound companies, even though their share prices may drop in the near term, but will ride out this storm and come out well in the end.
A smaller cap name in paper and forestry. The tissue side has benefited from stay-at-home, but hotels aren't using as much tissue. The packaging business has enjoyed an increase with more packages needed for online shopping. However, this sector is cyclical, falling a lot if the market falls, though bouncing a lot if it rises. Cascades has performed quite well. Next year, supply is coming onstream in the container board business which have pressure pricing going forward. Take profits.
east coast forestry
A human resource company that's fairly defensive. The price has come off some, but has held in well during the pandemic. Anchored by a steady income stream. They grow organically with some acquisitions. A hold. Defensive.
Business Services

Canadian bank outlook The Canadian banks offer decent value though have lagged the overall market. The banks have provisioned in Q2 and Q3, and this level has likely peaked, so these levels should decline ahead. Look out for the next quarterly report, because the banks heavily warned about mortgages and commercial loans and many of these will start to roll off. The banks offer good dividend yields that she expects to hold. The banks entered the pandemic with strong capital and continued to strengthen it. She also own RY. Like this and TD. She'd buy both presently.

Was a top pick recently. A leader in elevators, a oligopoly in this sector. They're diversified geographically. She has bought more shares, liking their recurring revenues. It's sort of defensive/industrial with opportunities for growth in China. Pays a 2% dividend. Good for long-term price appreciation.

Regulations in the U.S. may affect distribution They recently bought health insurer Aetna. A cheap stock trading at 9x forward earnings. Not sure why the price has come off in the past month, maybe a rotation into momentum. The PBM business ( always has an overhang with the US government wanting to lower prices. These worries are absorbed into the CVS stock price. Also, CVS has had to pay more for PPE and labour wages, but these costs should abate in time. The current price reflects all these overhangs.

specialty stores
An excellent health operator. But if this crisis continues, employment levels may remain very low which could impact UNH. But UNH has probably seen the worst of the pandemic and this is a blue-chip name. Will be fine after this crisis, which she sees passing one day.
medical services