(A Top Pick Dec 14/12. Up 34.42%.) Still struggling. 2014 will be a particularly great year. He classifies this as a Hold. Expects to see higher margins in 2015. Once they get through their backlog in 2014, with an improving economy, he sees this is eventually going to $20. 5.5% dividend.


(A Top Pick Dec 14/12. Up 105.93%.) This is furniture leasing. If you can’t afford to buy a couch or computer, etc. they’ll lease one to you. Growth for them though is by lending money. They charge high interest rates because the people they lend are very high credit risks. This segment of the market is growing very, very rapidly. $20 is easily achievable in a year’s time.

Financial Services

Should an octogenarian sell his big 5 banks? Canadian banks are amongst the most profitable, stable banks in the world. If you are in your 80s and getting your dividends, you should be fine. Stock price may not do much, because there is weakness with consumers, but the dividends are solid and go up.


This is one of those stocks that nobody wanted to hear about. It has now bounced back because they do have pretty prodigious cash flows. The problem is, can they take that dwindling stream of cash and reinvest in something that is more sustainable. The directory business is not sustainable. If you own and have done well, ask yourself if you think they can turn things around by taking the cash, invested in new businesses and new lines of digital income and keep the value.

communications / media

An energy services play based in Alberta with operations in the Caribbean. Pays a nice dividend. You are looking at a backdrop of increasing activity in North America and you should be fine. Caribbean assets have some upside that is maybe a little bit better than Western Canada. Stock has done well and it’s probably going to continue to do well. Nice dividend too.

oil / gas

Stock has had tremendous success. This is in technology. As you know, you start out with a product and other people come along and imitate. Your margins get eroded. If you own and have made profits, as a general rule, he would take some profits.


A very small stock and illiquid so don’t go chasing it. In the business of buying and selling long-distance minutes. Make a small margin on huge volume. Have good growth prospects. All the need to do is raise some capital. Attractive.