One of her favourite oil names. Has outperformed the oil/gas index. You may want to wait for a correction. Longer term, a great investment. Oil sands is going to be one of the things that powers Canada forward over the next five years.
integrated oils
Some great assets including Great West life (GWO-T) and IGM Financial (IGM-T). Lagged because Great West life has been disappointing compared to its peers. Have a consistent record of earnings increases. Very well managed. Consistently increase their dividend.
finance / leasing
Has been a well-run company. Newspaper article indicated that oil sands has come up with new technology which means they wouldn't need Finning equipment anymore. That could have a big impact. Trading at 52-week high and she would be cautious at this point.
wholesale distributors
Will be converting to a trust so expect the stock will pause here until it is known what the distributions will be. A well-run company.
investment companies / funds
Utility stocks have been very disappointing performers in the last quarter. Part of it has to do with the rise in interest rates. Thinks the sector is an interesting long-term area. Thinks there will be a lot of pipeline expansion and energy oriented expenditures over the next 5/10 years. A low risk investment. Could go higher.
oil / gas pipelines
Very difficult to get a pure uranium play in a high quality company. Because of the scarcity, this stock has been bid up beyond its fundamentals. Expensive.
integrated mines
Has been in a trading range of $30/45 for a number of years. A great defensive stock. Has made a lot of investments to reorganise itself to be part of electronic data base management. Organic growth is coming in at 7/9%. Over 2% dividend yield.
publishing / printing