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(Top Pick Jan 12/12, Down 0.79%) Did well compared to the rest of the group. Still likes and owns it. Low risk, high quality and thinks it will be a success story in 3-5 years. A great investment here.
(Top Pick Jan 12/12, Up 24.07%)
(Top Pick Jan 12/12, Up 8.29%)
Best of class. Good long term record. 10-12% Grower and raised dividend for 17 consecutive years. It always appears fully priced. Not worried about Hunter Harrison leaving. Using CNR to move some of the oil out west is a solution not looked at last year.
A different type of insurance company that tends to sell the type of product that the consumer HAS to have. Grows through organic and acquisition. 10% increase in dividend expected. Has clearly delivered in terms returns to shareholder. Would not be surprised to see another dividend increase a year from now.