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Down 17% year to date. Insurance industry has been under great pressure, mainly because of the portfolio. This company has wonderful businesses and great long-term management. It will come back. Increased their dividends by 20% last quarter, which indicates they are sure things are going to improve. 3.5% yield.
Thinks the deal will get done at $42.75. If it gets done at a lower price, it still would be higher than the current price and you get a dividend.
Information provider by electronic delivery. As demand for information increases, this should be a decent story. Have exposure in the Asian Pacific region that could overcome their potential weaknesses in the financial industry in North America.
A bit of a sensitive economic call. Has held up relatively well compared to the rest of the market. Great company.
Likes that they are in all facets of the energy business. Seems like it has been under a lot of pressure. Thinks it's good long-term value. If there is some plateauing of the oil prices coming out of this quarter, all the companies are going to do quite well.