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(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Up 18%) Happy with it. Toll roads, seaports, airports, railroads. Very good at managing these assets and a huge amount of money to play that game.
(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Up 0%) He's still actively buying it. Hasn't done much, as everyone is buying growth right now, not value. 5G will be big for it. Good one to own and at this price.
(A Top Pick Oct 04/19, Up 27%) As a tourism stock, he can't believe it's up so much. Has fly-in, but also drive-in, resorts. Unique geographical assets that no one can duplicate. They're not building any more mountains.
"Canadian Tire" of healthcare products for clinics and medical offices. Products are one-use only. Elective surgeries have been cancelled, so stock has not done much. Will shine in post-Covid era. Yield is 1.38%. (Analysts’ price target is $272.31)
Very well placed for online and in-person shopping. Long runway ahead. Yield is 0.61%. (Analysts’ price target is $226.78)