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(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 9%) A steady eddy, though not keeping up with the market. It's trading at the lowest price to book value in a long while. Buffett's successor is solid. They hold good companies. Not worried.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 10%) Competition has since gotten fierce, so he sold it. It's still a good sector because of growing demand from Asian tourists. He made some money.
(A Top Pick Jan 22/19, Up 18%) A yield stock, good for his income clients. BCE is great for this as opposed to a growth stock like Google.
It's oversold. Investors felt they paid too much on hockey TV rights, and they took a hit on their unlimited data plans. But there's demand for more and more data. It's a good entry point now. (Analysts’ price target is $69.39)
It's the top concert venue and ticketing company in the world. He believes heavily in experiental consumerism, like concerts. LYV is perfect for this. (Analysts’ price target is $76.85)