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(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Down 7%) He likes their low cost structure. Growth in air traffic from Asia will be big in the years to come and they are well positioned. They will continue to hold it. They do not own any Boeing Max787 planes.
(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Up 31%) He continues to like them for many reasons. The cloud services, the app store and others continue to do well. It is indefensible and people keep buying their products. They increased iPhone orders for parts by 10% -- a good sign. His largest since equity holding.
(A Top Pick Nov 27/18, Up 5%) Trading commissions are going towards zero in the US and this is impacting them. He is still a big fan and likes the US exposure. The dividend on Canadian banks are very remarkable -- you have to own them. It was 1942 when the Canadian major banks cut a dividend.
He likes the yield. They own good long lasting assets, like railroads, toll roads, harbours and cell phone towers. He likes how they are changing it to a regular corporation from an LP -- making it eligible for the dividend tax credit. He does not think the market has clued into this yet. Yield 4.16% (Analysts’ price target is $67.44)
The largest owners of cell phone towers in the world. Between 150,000-200,000 cell towers around the world. As we move to 5G technology, new equipment will be required on more towers -- all good for them. Yield 1.68% (Analysts’ price target is $222.67)