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(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Up 31%) They are dominating the box office like no other company before. Loves the new Lion King movie. They have the cruise line, ESPN and the theme parks, hitting on all cylinders.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Down 11%) Posted good earnings recently. There hasn't been a slowdown in truck shipping (or in train shipping). Pricing power remains. TFII has consolidated parts of the industry, and so is a price-maker. Still likes it.
(A Top Pick Aug 29/18, Up 34%) Very difficult to analyze. They serially acquire companies that have only one family of software that addresses particular vertical need in the market. CSU says there are thousands like this and now own bunches of them. CSU knows how to buy them. Their return on invested capital is terrific. It's still an attractive stock at current prices.
A boring stock. Has raised its dividend 46 years in a row, plus the stock has gone up. A steady eddy. It won't miss a beat in a recession. It's the opposite of volatile and steady eddy. (Analysts’ price target is $54.17)
It dominates North America ski resorts after just buying 17 of them, like Whistler. It's terrifically run. A lot of these resorts now opereates in all four seasons. It plays into the theme of young people spending on recreation. (Analysts’ price target is $249.45)