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(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 23%) It was up to $150 not so long ago. He still likes it and it has a very durable business model providing services which will still be in demand.
(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 34%) A tremendous amount of high quality real estate. He believes the net asset value is $280-$300 a share. It is a great opportunity here. It is an illiquid stock.
(A Top Pick Mar 26/19, Down 22%) Absolutely consider buying it now. Read the letter to shareholders on their web site. This is one CEO worthy of your attention. Everybody should own this company.
It has a tremendous range of assets – infrastructure, toll roads, ports, airports, railways and all kinds of real estate. It also has a lot of partnerships. It has $65 Billion to buy things now at bargain basement prices. This is the time when value investors shine.
It has held up well during this crisis. Their spending on new content has generated a larger user base. This is a good time to get in.