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(A Top Pick Jun 12/18, Up 60%) It has since got taken out. He expected this to be a steady-eddy that pays a solid yield. Then Brookfield bought it. There ya go. He'll take that return.
(A Top Pick Jun 12/18, Down 13%) He's sold out. It yield around 4.1% and trading at a crazy-loaw 5.5x forward earnings. The car business is notoriously cyclical and it currently on the down side. Can they remain profitable now? If they can, then GM is a huge bargain, but if they can't, then sell GM.
(A Top Pick Jun 12/18, Down 2%) He bought it when Desmarais died and expected his heirs to inject fresh ideas. The NAV is now far ahead of the stock price. Still owns it, getting a nice 5.75% dividend. There are small signs that management is trying to make investors happier, but falling rates is negative for all insurers like POW, he's disappointed that a catalyst hasn't pushed these assets to their full potential.
An unusual pick for him: Amazon doesn't pay a dividend and trades at a massive 70x forward earnings. What works for him is that Amazon has a huge future ahead. It's increasingly an advertiser; it makes a lot of money in Prime memberships; it pioneered cloud computing which is still in its infancy. He finally pulled the trigger on this after five years of watching it. (Analysts’ price target is $2249.27)
Nobody has replaced wooden railway ties, which regularly wear out--and SJ supplies them. He expects good years of earnings ahead. (Analysts’ price target is $51.86)