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Latest Top Picks

Heavy oil producer in eastern Alberta/western Saskatchewan with huge economic pools. Big drilling inventory ahead of them. Looking for 50% production growth over the next 12 months.
One of the big pressure pumpers in Canada offering services to the oil/gas business. Horizontal drilling needs big pressure pumping capacity.
Gold producer in Turkey and the mine is in ramp-up mode now. Easy to mine oxide deposit. Drilling some higher grades deeper down in the sulphide, which provides great upside. Trading below NAV.
(A Top Pick Dec 15/04. Up 18%.) Still has a lot of legs. Fundamentals are better than they've seen in this company in a lot of years. Generating huge amounts of cash flow. Will probably add $5/6 a share in net cash to the balance sheet this year. Have no net debt.
A dirt-cheap stock. Copper stocks have been beaten up a little too hard. New Spanish acquisition will not be in production for a couple of years and this could add between $1 and $2 per share. No debt. Pristine balance sheet. Trades at under 3 X EBITDA.