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Stock Opinions by Ross Healy

The NASDAQ should continue to fall in stages by 80% from its peak. Another 25% drop isn't going to be enough. An overall bear market has recently been confirmed in the U.S. A bear market is a time for re-evaluation of stock values. There are risks and opportunities.
Assuming a good bounce in travel which has already started, the airlines are in a strong position operationally. Shareholder equity was wiped out during Covid but a return to positive earnings will help rebuild that base. Air Canada is sitting on a lot of cash but the headwind for this quarter is the price of fuel. Many people have booked in the winter and spring so the increased costs cannot be passed along yet. Although the amount of travel in the Pacific is still weak there should be profitability soon.. Not cheap in Price per Book but good on a P/E bounce back. It is on the positive side of speculative.
It is an amazing stock. Historically it has peaked 3 times at 2 1/2 X Book and then falls. It is back up to its peak again so time to sell.
specialty stores
Also a question re the S&P. Markets correct taking their time and you can trade on the way down. There is technical support at the 3000 level for the S&P and at the 10 000 level for the NASDAQ.. TD is trading at the adjusted book value and there may be a setback. Banks have good long term growth but trading them is a mug's game.
There has been a big decline so far. The fair market value is strong, the balance sheet is fine and it is well run. There is good technical support at $15 but it could go to $12.
investment companies / funds
It has risen up to its intrinsic value so not much left in the stock.
electrical utilities
The valuations of all banks are strong. They are technically trying to break below their tech support so hold off on adding.
(A Top Pick Aug 25/21, Up 4%) It is like CM and all banks. It should break through good tech support at about $78. There is not enough to move banks up.
(A Top Pick Aug 25/21, Up 1%) He continues to hold. It is superb and has much better reserves than Yamana which was taken out. It is cheap and has good exploration potential as well as good development of quality reserves. Inflation will move gold.
precious metals
(A Top Pick Aug 25/21, Down 14%) It is in the U.S. and has hit 2X Book Value. It is acting like a tech stock but the demand for surgeries is still there. In general the U.S. healthcare business is an expensive market.
other services
It is a short term sell and is in the process of breaking lower like all FANG stocks. It is very expensive since the fair market value is much lower. Generally when stocks reach that level they break lower.
electrical / electronic
It has great resources and new management. It is maybe in a clean up phase but the turn-around is very disappointing.
mngmnt / diversified
With lots of intrinsic value it is a real value stock. It was essentially wiped out one bear market ago. It could probably fall to $28 to $30 so is too early to buy.
He wouldn't buy at any price. Its intrinsic value is 87% lower than the price now. It has a strong balance sheet so you could buy it at Book Value. It grew by raising equity and when it stopped doing this, it and earnings stopped growing. Outside of the cash it has it is poor value
Oil and gas keep on going. WCP is heading higher - has a target of $15.5 or higher.
Oil and Gas (Integrated Oils)
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