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(A Top Pick Jul 30/18, Up 25%) Balance sheets don't lie. There was nothing wrong with HCG, though many were afraid of this. HCG is still cheap and has terrific upside. He'd like to see the dividend return.
(A Top Pick Jul 30/18, Up 25%) Interest rates will likely go down, so utilities will rise. He'll stick with utilities.
(A Top Pick Jul 30/18, Down 1%) LB isn't far from its valuation. Quebec is the strongest province, fiscally. LB struggles because it had mortgage accounting issues, which hasn't faded yet. He sees good potential and still holds it.
Trades at book value, cheap now. They bought Aetna to get into healthcare. They have good plans reorganizing to get into this space seriously. Good upside. (Analysts’ price target is $70.48)
Instead of cherry-picking gold stocks, buy this. This spreads your risk. And he's very bullish gold these days.