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(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 25%) Starting to get on the pricey side. At $66-68, he'd take profits. Nice yield for now.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 2%) Acquired by Newmont. Return is up, either way.
(A Top Pick Oct 12/18, Up 16%) Bought it as a placemarker with a decent yield that would hold its value. Still fairly reasonably priced. It did what they wanted it to do, and so they got out for that reason.
The one silver mine where it already had enough earnings that he could recommend it as a value play. Trading at a reasonable price to book. Diversification from pure gold. No dividend. (Analysts’ price target is $6.40)
Nice turnaround. Working the merger into their new business plan. Latest earnings were nice, and stock popped. Lots of upside potential, and the stock is cheap. Not a lot of bad things happen to cheap stocks compared to the expensive ones. Yield is 3.39%. (Analysts’ price target is $69.00)