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(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Down 26%) This can still fall further, though it has a lot. Now, it's very cheap and pays a fine yield. It's fairly safe to buy it. The banks are close to the bottom.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Down 46%) The problem in calling a bottom in oil is what's going to happen to oil's earnings. See what happens in the market for a while, before deciding what to do with this.
(A Top Pick Feb 11/19, Down 16%) This also carries silver to give you a nice spread. Carries a nice portfolio of all the gold juniors. You don't need to buy more juniors if you buy this. Gold, though, has been slaughtered like all else. Silver has the potential to make a big move. You can build a position from here.
More buying opportunities are coming.
Downside target was $37.25. This yields 7.5% which isn't quite covered, which they're partially paying out of their cash flow. However, this is cheap and you can't miss with this. As a utility, their earnings will hold. (Analysts’ price target is $57.26)