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(A Top Pick May 03/19, Up 12%) It held in there nicely. It set back to its book value after a good run. He would still buy it.
(A Top Pick May 03/19, Up 71%) He had expected that given the market valuation that market volatility had to go up. It had been up 150% at one point.
(A Top Pick May 03/19, Up 0%) [Technical difficulties prevented the guest from speaking about this past pick]
Given where the market is, having a little powder dry would be a good thing. He does not know when it will be put to work. Wait until the market can hold at 2.5 times book value. The gold sector is one that is booming right now.
It is a silver AND a gold company. Earnings have tailed off because of silver. They have more than 100% more upside. They can increase production 100%. (Analysts’ price target is $4.90)