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(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 35%) He was looking for a nice gain in interest sensitive stocks assuming that the interest rates were going lower. It came through in spades though it hit its peak in October. He's not currently favouring this stock right now.
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 48%) You would have done better if you had sold out in September at the high of $10. However, it can get back to it and rise higher if gold continues to gain steam.
(A Top Pick Jan 03/19, Up 4%) They have done virtually nothing in the past year. It's indicative of the whole energy sector. It's now trading at its book value, which hasn't happened since 1995 during the oil fears. He suspects oil will go higher, though it might not soar. If it goes up, companies like this that are cheap could do better than what anybody expects. Risks are very minimal since it's bottomed out already.
Oil is up $3 with a possible war in the middle east. The stock is at a terrific value. Good upside potential. If everything works out well, it could have a huge upside in a recovery. (Analysts’ price target is $36.53)
He hasn't recommended it in a while. The stock has a beautiful balance sheet. It has been holding it's previous gains nicely. Even with current gold prices, it has upside. It is a senior and stable company that is a safe harbour investment. (Analysts’ price target is $26.78)