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(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Up 20%) LB is in the best-fiscally run province in Canada, and LB's risks are fairly low. The stock has had a good move lately. A definite hold. It's cheaper than the bigger banks based on book value, and pays a fine yield.
(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Up 36%) A volatile stock, but he likes the golds, holding 10-20% in a portfolio. Gold has a long runway.
(A Top Pick Dec 07/18, Up 18%) Its FMV is $70, which BCE has never passed, but rather will bounce down. Not enough upside.
Pays a nice dividend. FMV is way above the current price, 167% higher. Good Balance sheet. Book value is in an uptrend. PB is very cheap. $26.50 is resistance, so watch that, but it has busted past that before. If so, it should reach $31-32. Are expanding international. Growing earnings. What's not to like. (Analysts’ price target is $29.91)
A bit of a gamble, he admits. The heirs of the company haven't done much. The book value has climbed steadily. All it needs is somebody to take charge of this company. It's dormant. You're paid a good yield while waiting. (Analysts’ price target is $33.81)