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Stock Opinions by Brianne Gardner


Believes second half of 2023 was volatile, but overall is bullish on markets heading into 2024. Markets appear to be broadening out in terms of economic performance. The opportunity to add fixed income to portfolios will present itself with US Fed pause on rate hikes. 4-7% dividend income from blue chip stocks, an excellent proposition for investors. Consumers appear to be slowing in spending patterns, which will slow economy, but not as bad as predicted. 

Suncor Energy Inc

Does not own shares, and prefers CNQ. Believes better options available for investors. Outlook for energy sector is a small rally coming into 2024. 

integrated oils

Transition to EV vehicles will not occur overnight. Enbridge offers less risky option for investors. Good time to invest for long term investors. Strong dividend and valuable assets. 

oil / gas pipelines

Good long term investment, but stock too expensive at current price. Wait for weakness in share price before investing. Excellent management team that is good at capital allocation. 

computer software / processing

Telco. companies not performing as well as expected. With pause in interest rate hikes, could be a good time to buy. Owns shares in company. Stable business with excellent dividend. Will continue to hold. 

telephone utilities
BCE Inc.

Bullish on stock, and would recommend buying. Recent selloff presenting a good buying opportunity. Stable dividend for long term investors. Shift into more social media content bodes well for BCE. 

telephone utilities

Believes Canadian financials will catch up in 2024. Would be a good time to buy small position. Won't be a major capital gain, but is not pessimistic about sector anymore. 


Excellent company for gold exposure. Ranks 9/10 for portfolio. Bullish on gold outlook. Excellent fundamentals. Will continue to buy and hold. 

metal mines
Granite REIT

Believes opportunity for catch up trade. Good time to buy at current price. Would recommend investing. Pause in interest rate hikes, good for business. 

property mngmnt / investment
Microsoft Corp

Believes company will be able to perform into 2024. Might be a small pullback on stock, but would be a good time to buy. Quality of stock very good. Management very good at staying ahead of tech trends. 

computer software / processing
Capital Power

Excellent business model. Currently in the middle of positive M&A. 6.6% dividend yield very safe. As rates fall, will see company share price rice. Sees excellent growth going forward. Has been buying shares recently, and will continue to hold. 

electrical utilities

Stock rebound has been rewarding for investors who demonstrated resilience. Canada & USA both participating in stock market rally. 3 consecutive weeks of gains has erased prior losses for investors. Believes further strength in markets for investors. Economy more resilient than expected. 

Walmart Inc

Will benefit from stronger economy. Leader in revenue in discount chain store. Recently beat quarterly earnings estimates. Recent drop in price due to unrealistic guidance from CEO. Inflation sales to slow a little, but brand is very attractive to deal oriented consumers. Expecting 15% upside.

department stores
AbbVie Inc.

One of largest pharmacy companies in sector. Recently announced M&A plans for cancer drugs. Very strong brand value with excellent management team. Company very resilient to gyrations in economy. Price target is ~$160. Strong history of good capital allocation. Consistent dividend increases over past 50 years. Current dividend yield very safe. 

Gold Bullion ETF

Expecting strength in gold prices going forward. Very safe asset for defensive investors. Would recommend in portfolio approach. If interest rates fall, will be good for gold prices (less interest in bonds). Uncertainty in US economy unstable, which is good for gold prices. Weaker US Dollar will also benefit gold prices. 

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