Stock Opinions by Timothy Seymour

Ford Motor
The CEO stunned the street by announcing major costs and inefficiencies

It will take CEO Farley a while to turn this around. Cost issues are nothing new. They cut jobs in Europe and will streamline production there to operate more like the U.S. or South American operations. Ford has been trading at a discount to GM because of this. Ford, though, has outperformed GM a lot because their EV story is very exciting.


Great value and good PE. Their core software business deserves a higher margin. It's a higher-growth story than people think.

electrical / electronic
Devon Energy Corp

They missed a little on free cash flow, but dividend pays around 8%. Capex is inching higher and the street is watching this, wants more drilling. You don't buy an energy stock because you expect oil to surpass $100.

oil / gas
Apple Inc
The market is oversold, no doubt, but Apple is an outlier in megacap tech, but it hasn't off like the sector (or the market) has.
electrical / electronic
Lowes trades at a discount in terms of PE, while Home Depot is at a slight premium. He likes Lowes for their commitment to digital-commerce and customer loyalty.
misc industrial products
Adobe Systems
The downward move in Adobe was overdone, extraordinary, though software companies are in a tough spot now. You want to be in places like this, at least picking them over.
computer software / processing
It's making money though shares have been destroyed. Software companies are in a tough spot now. You want to be in places like this, at least picking them over.
Tesla Inc
No question that the world is embracing EV's, but Tesla's market share and leadership is very much in the stock price and high PE.
Consumer Products
As a 5-year hold Yes, because it's a global leader in ride shares. Its compound annual growth rate is probably 25% over the next 5 years. It's doesn't matter if it's down 80% from its highs. Lyft is well-positioned for the future. They're freezing hiring (though still want drivers) for the rest of the year. This doesn't change demand for rides. He added to his holdings today. We've started to see more drivers and rates declining.
The U.S. 10-year yield has fallen from 3.45% to 2.57%. The curve gets more inverted by the day; history indicates a recession, bot how severe will it be? There was weaker data out of China and the ISM today. We need to see more U.S. economic weakness for the Fed to pause--which he doesn't expect nor want.
This has been grinding at current levels since February and hasn't challenged their 100-day moving average in 1.5 years. Yes, he gets that they're at a strategic crossroads between e-commerce and social media--and it's an interesting position--but it hasn't paid off.
There was a billion more in free cash flow this last quarter than the street expected. The 787 is their most profitable jet.
Chevron Texaco
Share buybacks are enough to continue to drive shares. OPEC this week is the major energy story.
integrated oils
Kohl's Corp
Wipe your hands clean of this stock, though retailers, especially department stores, have all slumped. Today, Kohl's abandoned deal talks.
department stores
Look at its underperformance, down almost 5% today as stocks were up. Semis have been underperforming the S&P for the last 20 days by roughly 13%. It's in stark contrast to the bond rally. An ugly day. It may be okay for interest-rate sensitive tech stocks to rally today, like tech, but the move in semis is downright scary, which this reflects the epicentre of the economy.
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