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Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly XRX has been a laggard during the pandemic as office workers have been remotely working. As employees begin a return to the office environment demand for the company's products will begin to return. Meanwhile the stock is quietly building a solid foundation. Carl Icahn has been accumulating shares steadily through August and purchased another $3 million worth of the stock so far in September. In its latest earnings the company produced $0.15 EPS, when analysts expected a breakeven, even in the face of a 35% drop in revenues. An area of future growth is in their liquid metal 3D printing solution -- allowing companies to manufacture much needed parts with off the shelf alloys. On a measured move basis, we see upside to $25 -- almost 30% upside. It is trading at 74% of book value, with a low historic PE, and offers an attractive yield that is backed by a 28% payout ratio. We would trade this with a $15 stop loss. Yield 5.20% (Analysts’ price target is $18.25)
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly We are once again cautioning against a possible market retracement and are recommending this inverse S&P500 ETF as a Top Pick. As it is priced in Canadian dollars it will receive added benefit from a weakening in the Canadian dollar if the market retraces. We recommend this as a hedge against dividend paying stocks. It has a very low MER as well.
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly Thus utilities based ETF is a defensive holding that provides a solid yield. This can act as a hedge against investor equity holding in case of a broad market retracement. Utility holdings also benefit during a prolonged low interest rate environment. We would trade this with a $54 stop-loss. Yield 3.38%
(A Top Pick Aug 25/20, Up 44%) When we recommended this furniture manufacturing company we picked $21 as an upper target. It has smoothly moved through that target. We are now recommending to trail up the stop-loss to $21, looking to cover half of the position should there be a pullback in the stock price.
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly BANF operates 107 commercial banking locations in Oklahoma. Its latest earnings report topped analyst expectations by over 30% and it achieves margins over 23%. EPS has grown on average 8.9% annually over the past five years. The dividend was just raised and pays a decent yield that is backed by a 37% payout ratio. We would trade this with a stop-loss at $39.00. Yield 3.03% (Analysts’ price target is $66.00)