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Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly US defense spending will continue to be strong, despite pandemic issues and RTX is well positioned for it. The company recently reported over $10 billion in defense product bookings and a $73 billion order backlog. True, it has been hampered by the pandemic due to a slowdown in its aerospace product business thanks to supply chain issues and reduced demand from airlines. We like the relatively cheap forward PE of 16 and the 24% growth in sales over the past quarter. The dividend is also attractive. We like the entry level here with upside towards $76 -- potential gain of 25%. We would consider a close below the gap at $52 as a stop loss point. Yield 3.17% (Analysts’ price target is $76.25)
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly PANW is well positioned as a leader in cyber-security and the trend towards work-from-home is adding more reason to see additional follow through. An analyst at BTIG just upgraded their view on the stock to a target of $313 -- upside of over 18% -- on the back of growing success in federal contract deals. This is after Q3 earnings showed a 35% increase in EPS and sales increasing by over 35% for the past five consecutive years. The stock just broke out of key resistance at $250, which creates good upward momentum. We would trade this using the $250 level as key support. Yield 0%
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly The recent pullback in GOOG share prices from highs near $1600, makes this a good entry point. Analysts at JPM Securties, Bank of America, Canaccord, Guggenheim, Royal Bank and Barclays have all upgraded their view on the company this past week to about $1750 -- upside of over 16%. Analysts see their cloud development businesses continuing to grow along with AI and home automation services for years to come. Yield 0%
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly KLAC is a semi-conductor technology company, as in their wafer technology assists manufacturers in the most efficient production of chips. Semiconductors have enjoyed a surge in demand with the advent of cloud services, AI and upcoming 5G. KLCA also pays a decent yield that safe with a 50% payout ratio and the Board just approved the 11th consecutive dividend increase. The company has just raised its earnings guidance for the full year. Recently reported revenues were up 15%. We would use $185 as a stop loss with an objective towards $235 -- potential 15% upside. Yield 1.64%
Stockchase Research Editor: Michael O'Reilly The fund is designed to track the performance of emerging companies focusing on delivering cloud based software to customers. These companies tend to benefit from a recurring revenue model. Many of the companies benefit from the "work-from-home" technologies. Holdings include companies like Zoom, Docusign, and Shopify. It offers diversification in a growth space with a low MER of 0.45%. Yield 0%