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(A Top Pick Aug 16/18, Up 21%) If you want to own one international real estate holding -- this is it. They continue to raise lots of capital and have an army to deploy it. They charge fees to management assets and fees on the profits. The bigger the pool of assets, the bigger the fees they collect. Their inside owners interests are well aligned with investors. If markets do drop, they are best positioned to take advantage of opportunities. There could be some risk that regulations that come into the private equity market, but he is not too concerned it would impact their fees.
(A Top Pick Aug 16/18, Up 24%) One of the best capital compounders out there. They build life sciences buildings on campuses across the US. Biotech companies co-locate on these campuses, creating great opportunities. The fundamentals remain positive and he continues to hold it.
(A Top Pick Aug 16/18, Up 35%) The largest warehouse holders in the world. They have a solid platform around their business. He says 2% of global GDP flows through their warehouses. They are using that understand the data of the flows through their assets and use that to better their client services. He sees this as value that will continue to feed on itself.
The spin off MGM Resorts -- the casino operator. The properties are leased back to the casino operator. The lease is low cost to the REIT. A strong business set up for the macro risks out there. A relatively new REIT structure that could catch on with investors. Yield 6.27% (Analysts’ price target is $35.73)
They operate RV and manufactured home parks -- a true land business without large capex requirements. Rents can increase substantially. Yield 1.97% (Analysts’ price target is $144.00)