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(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 16%) They are a stellar company with a stellar management team. They are the dominant player of campuses to life sciences companies. It is important for these companies to be together to share ideas in an ecosystem. They have a free cash flow growth of north of 10%. He sees the company growing with their valuation. It is still a compelling investment opportunity.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 14%) The largest owner of single family homes in the US. They institutionalized the space. When he bought them they had acquired a company and now they are coming out the other side. It is pretty fairly valued and you could cycle into one of the others in the space.
(A Top Pick Dec 05/18, Up 14%) They institutionalized single family homes in Canada. They seem to beat their peers every single quarter. They are poised to continue this kind of growth from here. It is a buy.
He still likes it. The valuation last time was ridiculous and now it is just cheap. Its peers on the US side are trading at NAV and TCN-T is at a 12% discount to NAV and he sees 12-15% growth in NAV this year. (Analysts’ price target is $13.80)
They have a lot of really good plans for the company from the new CEO. He sees a really solid valuation and strong margin growth from here. (Analysts’ price target is $21.71)