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He really likes the energy space and sees PD-T putting in good earnings going forward. They have 80 rigs in the US and 60 rigs in Canada. They have seen day rates go from $18,000 per day up to $25,000 per day recently. Margins continue to improve, costs are under control, and they are putting rigs back into service. E&P capex budgets are increasing in North America and with WTI being at $65-$80 he thinks companies will continue to spend. Management continues to build a strategy to lower the debt levels. Yield 0%. (Analysts’ price target is $6.04)
The management team has done a great job. The business is growing faster than its US peers. They have put $800 million into buying assets and increasing rental rates on a per foot basis. He thinks it is worth $3.25-$3.50 on an organic basis. He was buying some this week at $2.45. (Analysts’ price target is $3.01)
They have expanded their business model from just in-home stair systems to elevators and into hospitals. They recently did a Swiss acquisition and he thinks this will expand their business into Europe and Asia. Earnings continue to grow over 20% over the past five years and margins continue to improve. The dividend increases yearly. The demographics are on trend. He expects it to trade $23. Yield 2.1%. (Analysts’ price target is $20.67)