Rob Tetrault
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Portfolio Manager and Senior Vice-President at
Tetrault Wealth Advisory Group from National Bank

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(A Top Pick Sep 21/18, Up 32%) This is a cash flow play. They have positive cash flow. They have strong management and is clearly oversold. They are profitable. He did not expect oil to drop to $59. It is more volatile than the index. It is a safe, risky play.
(A Top Pick Sep 21/18, Down 1%) They have a recurring revenue model. This is a global play. They keep adding to their portfolio of assets they manage. They hit a home run on their latest earnings report. They beat both top and bottom line and have good guidance for next year.
(A Top Pick Sep 21/18, Down 8%) They are a market disrupter and in 5-10 years, you won’t care what you paid for this. They have a number of different revenue streams. The current drop in stock value is a significant over reaction. Is trading at a forward multiple of 24X. This is one of the best, safest growth names. He would definitely hang on to this name.
This is a buy and hold. They are a market disrupter. They are a global presence. They have had 33 straight quarters of 20% growth. The forward P/E is 24X which is very reasonable. Yield = 0% (Analysts’ price target is $1349.36)
He is bullish short term on energy. You want to buy the best names when you think there will be a bounce back. They have integrated assets which allow them some protection. He has a $67 target price. The dividend is very safe and are buying back a tonne of stock. Yield = 3.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $61.11)