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(A Top Pick December 27, 2017. Down 2.09%). It’s currently in a bit of a limbo period, waiting for regulatory approval of a large acquisition (they bought The Linde Group, which is a peer of Praxair) to close. Praxair is a very good operator but the industrial gases business raises monopoly concerns, so the regulator will have make decisions about which businesses Praxair will have to divest. He expects the business to do well after the regulatory decisions are made. [Note: There was no table for this stock at the end of the end of the segment to show whether he owns this stock or not.)
(A Top Pick December 27, 2017. Down 4.49%). This is a player in restaurant equipment. They have done a great job deploying capital into complementary kitchen equipment businesses. They do a great sales job, explaining the value of new equipment for water savings, energy savings, etc. Their margins have been under pressure but he believes this will improve over the year.
(A Top Pick December 27, 2017. Down 10.29%). This is a natural gas stock. There is a cloud of negative sentiment around Canadian energy. He believes that the cloud of issues that plagued Canada in 2017 are resolving themselves. He sees this as a low-cost operator and disciplined. He expects this company to do well at the end of shakeout. Tourmaline added a dividend, which shows a lot of self-confidence in the company. They have very strong management, very high insider ownership, and is committed to the shareholders.
This was one of his top picks in December 2017 and still is. The issues that have plagued it in 2017 such as the production overhang and the demand issues will alleviate themselves naturally over time. For example, the Alberta government is talking about replacing coal with natural gas for electricity generation. Also the management team is very much aligned with shareholders. (Analysts’ price target is 27.00$)
They are continuing the plan that Hunter Harrison put in place to improve efficiency, drive down the operating ratio, and sell assets. Velocity is up 20% this year: trains are moving faster, which provides better service and increases capacity. CSX is improving its capital profile, with higher cash flow margins. He expects every dollar of revenue to convert to about 30 cents in the future from a historical level of 8 cents. There have been complaints from the customer (shipper) base as a result of all the cost cutting but if CSX keeps improving its operating metrics, the customers’ concerns will be resolved. (Analysts’ price target is 62.92$)