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(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 13%) Also a top pick.
(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 7%) He likes the Brookfield family. Brookfield takes care of funding, having investors for global investments. He likes that they're investing in India infrastructure. They can go anywhere in the world and buy strategic assets like water treatment and transmission lines is unparalleled. It continues to do well. Good managers.
(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 4%) Still likes it. It's doing well. Pays in USD. He likes the management team. He's concentrated in industrials, especially in Canada, as well as the U.S.
They continue to make good acquisitions, including in the Caribbean. They get refineries in an area, like the Caribbean, which gives them wholesale pricing which they can run through their retail convenience stores at attractive margins. They generate great recurring cash flow. (Analysts’ price target is $48.91)
They're an aggregator with holdings such as aerospace and manufacturing. They've grown their topline over the last 5 years at 30% annually and bottom line 22% annually. He likes the managers. They're set up to make another big acquisition. (Analysts’ price target is $44.09)