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(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 27%) Management is doing everything they should. They just bought assets in the massive California market as well as in the Caribbean. They leveraged some refining capacity to send fuel to some locations. They buy wholesale that they refine, then sell it at retail--that's the spread they make. Happy to hold this. It's a mini-Couche Tard (ATD'B), but PKI more nimble in making acquisitions and own a refinery.
(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 37%) They go around the world making strategic infrastructure assets, currently targeting India like water treatment facilities. They go to countries that other countries can't, with their strategic relationships and can write a big cheque--they can finance big assets. They take debt to finance the asset and put the debt on the asset, a non-recourse, something he really likes, because if something were to happen at the asset level, the recourse from the bondholders is down to the asset and not back to the company. Strong managers.
(A Top Pick Mar 06/19, Up 9%) A US real estate play in fulfillment centres, but WPT hasn't been keeping up with the TSX or US REITs, but he's holding onto it. It's a USD issue, but they will have a Canadian listing with Canadian dividends and this might open it up to Canadian investors. Private equity is looking for big assets like this, so WPT could be a take-out target.
He just bought it. He likes the tech space. OTEX is the biggest generator in information management done through software. Info analysis is key for companies to compete globally. OTEX is also in the cloud and supply-chain logistics. All tailwinds. Trades at a low 15x earnings. (Analysts’ price target is $63.57)
They buy and integrate auto collision repair shops 85/15 in US/Canada. They leverage their insurance business. Boyd is firing on all cylinders. (Analysts’ price target is $220.67)