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(A Top Pick Oct 23/18, Up 15%) He likes what they're doing, leasing out 56 planes and is doing very well. Likes manages. Pays a good dividend. The stock has pulled back a bit because the market suspects they will tap the equity markets to expand.
(A Top Pick Oct 23/18, Down 38%) ERF is really a US oil producer, but the whole oil sector has come under fire. He sold ERF and a lot of his oil shares, down to a 4% weight.
(A Top Pick Oct 23/18, Down 5%) Unfortunately, this is painted with the same oil brush, and the oil sector is under fire. It's a mini-ATD'B. It's really a consumer discretionary stock and not energy.
Phenomenal managers who've made large acquisitions seamlessly. He's long owned this. They have a $7.5 billion development pipeline of projects. They have a unique partnership with a Spanish company to finance green power and assets there, making a great yield there. They have a lot on the go. Utilities and this stock will do very well during low interest rates. Pays a 4.35% yield. (Analysts’ price target is $17.98)
A diversified REIT, part of the Brookfield family. They take malls and them mixed-use buildings including residences and offices. Amazing assets. The stock has taken a slight hit, because the market doesn't see this value yet. (Analysts’ price target is $31.14)