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(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Down 8%) They have refining, convenience stores and gas pumps. They have been able to navigate very well through this. Their working capital has gone down very much with the price of oil going down. This is not really an energy company. He is sticking with it.
(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Down 33%) They got lumped into the airline business. 75-80% of their business is related to aviation. He thinks it was given a bit of a bad knock. Their dividend is very sustainable. Their flights have to take place, such as cargo into the deep north. He likes management and thinks this business will come back very quickly.
(A Top Pick Jun 17/19, Up 15%) It was 100% MG.A-T assets and now that has come down to a little less than 40%. The rest is distribution and warehousing. They have done exceptionally well. They had a very conservative balance sheet going into this.
He has not owned gold for a long time. It is a trade that has been working out. Gold allocation on the TSX is now at 10%. It is a flight to safety. Spending will eventually fuel inflation. He did not want to take the risk of an individual stock.
They are a leader in global logistics. They help customers assess, real time, what the rates are for shipping. They layer in efficiency that is hard to find. (Analysts’ price target is $57.47)