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(A Top Pick Jan 17/14. Down 56.73%.) They had a “customer concentration” with Samsung, and as Samsung rolled out their new device, which hadn’t been very successful, they chose not to use this company’s technology. Had felt this company’s technology will become much more prevalent with the emergence of Internet things. They have some good core technologies so there is a chance they could recover.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/14. Up 8.89%.) This has some of the best oil sands properties in Canada based on quality of reservoir,. They are still in the early stages of their growth profile. Feels the market is undervaluing the long-term strategic asset that they have. They have been able to access capital through equity markets and debt.
(A Top Pick Jan 17/14. Up 5.9%.) Still likes the company. This was a bit of a unique situation because it is a lumber producer, timberlands and they also own a large US homebuilder. They were divesting that homebuilder and he thought it would give a bit of a lift to the stock. Still likes it.
What caught his attention was the recent selloff. Market started selling off and Ford (F-N) had some negative news as well as some investigation into some of the Brazilian operations. Brazil is a small part of their business and the automobile volumes are still robust. This is a world-class business. Dividend yield of 1.55%.
This is now one of the top 10 homebuilders in the US. Have a great management team. Very under covered. Just put out their 1st consolidated earnings guidance for 2015. Has a large inventory of high-quality building lots concentrated in California and Colorado.