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CIO, Fundamental Equities at
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(Top Pick May 16/14, Up 25.95%) A leader in the property and casualty business. Growing through acquisition and using its scale. They just bought some business from Canadian Western Bank. They are a leader in a growing business space.
(Top Pick May 16/14, Up 10.29%) The space is appealing. They had a big backlog of infrastructure planning. They project manage things from soup to nuts. They are diversified by industries and by geography. They are a little constrained by the oil and gas space as they all are. He thinks they would be a buyer in consolidation activities. They won’t get bought.
(Top Pick May 16/14, Down 45.14%) Solid management team, good assets and a potential to grow production. They should double production between 2015 to 2016.
It is a specialty financial services company in a sweet spot. It is working well. They are adding more business. The business book will double this year. They just raised capital to go after a business of GE-N’s. Hopefully, there will be a meaningfully accretive acquisition.
It is a business in the energy space. They are the largest consolidator of non-urban fuel distribution centers in Canada. They are in a good situation to further consolidate the industry. They are well positioned. You get paid to wait.