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(A Top Pick Sep 10/19, Down 30%) He owns 10% of the company and recently added more on weakness. The stock has been down due to lower restaurant and bar sales, but retail and online sales are booming. He doesn't expect sales to be down that much this year. Cost cutting has widened margins. Lassonde bought 20% of the company last year, which has boosted DWS' sales force. He expects Lassonde to take over the rest of the company at some point, which should boost the stock price. He's in for the long run. Also owns Andrew Peller.
(A Top Pick Sep 10/19, Up 145%) The pandemic accelerate their already high growth. It's one of the top 30 performing stocks YTD. They reach 280,000 Canadian subs as the largest meal-kit company. Revenues had shot up five-fold over recent years when he bought this at $1.40. They just reported their first profit ever, proving the skeptics wrong. They trade at 1x revenues vs. 2x of its main competitor. Good upside coming.
(A Top Pick Sep 10/19, Down 17%) They got hurt late 2019 because of delayed capex by the US telcos like AT&T. But they are now spending on the 5G network. Has large exposure to Asia, sot hey got hit hard in Q1. Business though is recovering in cell phones in Asia and elsewhere, and they've cut costs. Sales are down, but margins are up. He expects strong Q3 and Q4 numbers. There's a huge 25-year opportunity on infrastructure spending on the wireless 5G roll-out. BYL trades at only 5x EBITDA vs. peers at 2-3x. Great time to buy this during current weakness. An easy double in 12 months. Should recover by end of 2020.
The AGM is tomorrow. They provide e-commerce software to big companies like Sobey's, just like Shopify does for smaller ones. Also, they enable suppliers to bid on government contracts; MDF just won a big contract in this business in the UK. 80% of their sales are recurring, but it trades at only 1.5x recurring revenues vs. 30-40x among peers. A no-brainer. You will do extremely well with this. Investors associate MDF with its hodge-podge of accumulated internet platforms over years, but new managers are focusing on their winning core platforms. He expects new contract coming, helped by the online trend. (Analysts’ price target is $8.85)
They just struck a deal with the US Air Force. BB is highly undervalued and the most unloved Canadian tech company, purely specializing in security. They have several recurring revenue streams, including enterprise security, their core business, and car security that serves 175 million autos. They don't get investor love because they missed guidance a few times and a few shareholder have filed complaints about the board. He expects changes to the board. This explains the current stock hit. A great acquisition candidiate for a big tech company like MSFT. (Analysts’ price target is $5.49)