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Stock Opinions by Stephen Takacsy, B. Eng, MBA

Believes markets will have soft landing after turbulent months. Low unemployment levels, high savings levels, strong currency & relatively low interest rates will carry economy. Supply chain issues will normalize soon. Bullish on the markets and many quality companies available for good prices. Bulk of portfolio is diversified to protect against turbulence.
Transformative acquisition last year made them largest player in sector. Record backlog of orders. Management suggesting record financial results for the coming year. Stock price down 30% is presenting excellent price to buy. Aging population providing tailwinds on business model.
other services
Recent price drop has presented good buying opportunity 25% share of the Canadian vitamin and supplement market. Growing international sales with the help of other companies such as Costco. Large acquisition announced last week will provide entry point into the US market. EPS significantly rising (20x ) at the moment.
One of Canada's fastest growing renewable companies (wind, solar & hydro). Last week announced major contract with NY State (5 solar farms), will increase capacity 20%. One of only two Canadian renewable companies with presence in Europe. Valuations down which is creating buying opportunity.
electrical utilities
(A Top Pick Jun 23/21, Up 4%) Has held stock for 15 years. Large dividend increases and 400% return for holding period. Well managed company with solid balance sheet. Growing organically and through M&A. Trading at 40% discount to intrinsic value.
investment companies / funds
(A Top Pick Jun 23/21, Down 71%) Fastest growing health technology provider. Sector had been hit very hard with market selloff. Recently signed large contract with Sunlife. Process integrating large number of acquisitions. Recent CEO, Chairman and management resignations is cause for concern.
(A Top Pick Jun 23/21, Down 17%) Core position of portfolio. Is very defensive position. Most sales recurring (railway ties etc.). Residential lumber business continues to grow even after the pandemic boom (people renovating homes etc.). Returning capital to shareholders through dividend increases and share buybacks. Share prices very low and presenting good buying opportunity.
misc industrial products
Very well managed, high quality company. #2 company in Canadian wine market. Recent market selloff has created buying opportunity for investors. Expecting post Covid-19 alcohol sales to rebound quickly. High margins will allow for profitability going forward.
breweries / beverages
High priced items are not good in a slowing economy. Consumer toys not needed during tough economic times. Wait to see how economy recovers before buying this type of stock.
Consumer Products
Patent portfolio currently for sale. Recent settlement with Apple will result in $100MM cash payment to QTRH. Growing company through mergers and acquisitions. World leaders in intelligent transportation. Bidding on contracts to build pipelines. Waiting for re-rating on stock soon. Current price presenting good buying opportunity.
electrical / electronic
Extremely well managed company. Very successful in gaining market share in alternative lending. Launching initiative to become a challenger bank (will be 6th or 7th largest bank in Canada soon). Current share price presenting good buying opportunity. Share price to book value is currently a good price.
Financial Services
Company has huge pricing power and diversified business. Well positioned company going into the future. Recent acquisition will allow exposure all the way to Mexico. Would recommend buying as a long term hold for investors.
Business is presenting good buying opportunity at current prices. Russia/Ukraine will not affect business too much. Good management that is reducing debt at a high rate. Running at record backlog of orders. Margins stable and supply chain issues not a problem.
Company having problems with US/Canada trade wars, supply chain & inflation. Traditionally grown through M&A, so don't count on dividend increases. Complex company that is unpredictable.
food processing
Owns shares in company as prices has been very cheap. Prefers Guardian capital. Still paying a healthy dividend. Expecting healthy cash flow and profit. If own shares, keep them.
investment companies / funds
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