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(A Top Pick Jun 14/18, Down 65%) They have a great product and he still believes in it. The big disappointment was some delivery delays and some new orders took longer to get. Trade wars with China and 'Buy America' have hurt them. They should look at putting themselves into stronger hands. They have a good product and business model.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/18, Up 3%) They have a real estate / software platform. They are a global player. They have all these consulting businesses that act as a drag on the company. They may shed some businesses.
(A Top Pick Jun 14/18, Up 59%) It is another example of an undervalued tech company in Canada. It was taken out by MS-N just over a month ago.
They are the only company in the world that decaffeinates coffee in a chemical free manor. They basically have the market to themselves. Sales have really accelerated in the last two years. He thinks the stock is significantly undervalued at 10 times earnings. 4.4% dividend. No analysts are covering it right now.
The second largest supplier of instant win lottery tickets. There are only 3 companies licensed to produce lottery tickets. They plan to increase the float and make more acquisitions. They are executing very well. (Analysts’ price target is $25.50)