Stephen Takacsy, B. Eng, MBA
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(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Down 37%) They are very much encouraged by the latest results. The company has started buying back shares. It is suffering from some tax loss selling. There is huge upside and very little downside. He just bought a lot more.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Down 19%) Growth has slowed down a little bit. Some of the bigger orders have slowed down as municipalities consider going electric. They pay a good dividend.
(A Top Pick Jan 28/19, Up 12%) It is a very safe stock and you collect the growing dividend. He likes the defensive characteristics and the demographics.
A Quebec based technology company at a very cheap valuation. One business is an e-commerce platform for bidding on government contracts; the other parts are in decline and are a job site and a dating site. They are going to exit those declining businesses. They took a huge write-down on these in the summer and the stock crashed. They eliminated their dividend. He just bought a big block of this stock. They are going to be consolidating the B2B space. (Analysts’ price target is $8.85)
Marine cargo handling and environmental services. Both are doing very well. They stumbled on integration of an acquisition last year but those problems are largely behind them.