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(Top Pick Oct 9/12, Down 8.73%) Discount is sufficient for him to step into this name here.
(Top Pick Oct 9/12, Up 59.74%) Continues to be a core holding, healthy dividend. Buying companies on the cheap. Continue to get oil out of the ground from these companies. Down right now because of oil but thinks it will come back.
(Top Pick Oct 9/12, Down 45.61%) Gold has been a challenge to trade. The lack of inflation has depressed gold. There are better places to put your money but to be in the space, this is one of the better names to be in.
Will benefit from low feed stock prices going on in North America. Nat Gas goes into manufacturer of their plastics, chemicals, resins and then ultimately building products. Low input costs and healthy demand for their products for the recovery in the US housing prices. A play on housing AND Nat Gas. 1.5% dividend.
Likes dividend plus growth assets. 25,000 bpd producer. Various Western Canada locations. Dividend 7.7% yield, just announced and under 100% payout. Have streamlined their spend to accommodate the dividend model.