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(A Top Pick Feb 5/15. Up 41.69%.) Thinks they are shifting from a lot of little acquisitions to some really big ones that will come in once or twice a year. He continues to love this.
(A Top Pick Feb 5/15. Up 10.85%.) A great Steady Eddie. Sometimes has a little volatility, but recently put out a nice quarter. Recently announced they are buying back 7% of their stock from the Caisse de Depot. That will lower their denominators and ROE will be lower and will put EPS growth in. A great long-term holding, and will be for many years to come.
(A Top Pick Feb 5/15. Down 56.52%.) The story is not over yet. Everybody is waiting for this quarter. This is part of the business of investing. Sometimes you get them right and sometimes you get them wrong. If you own, continue to Hold.
This is trading on 4X earnings and less than its projected 2016 BV. Stocks are never that cheap unless they don’t have an issue. This does have an issue, too much debt. Management has been appearing at conferences explaining they have made progress in paying down debt. Jason thinks that over 2016, as they pay down debt each quarter, the stock will be able to go through a fairly significant re-rating. Institutions are going to have to take a look at this. A lot of money is going to come back into this name as the debt decreases. If they can pay down their debt, then somebody will buy them out.
This company has all kinds of brands, a lot of them purchased from other people. The stock has been consolidating. He has known the company for 15 years, and ROE has never been below 20%. This is a royalty company, so relatively low risk. You are getting an un-levered 24% on average ROE each year. Trading at about 12.8X 2016 earnings. A very undervalued stock. A great stock to Buy and Hold.