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(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Up 2%) He's a long-term EM bull and VEE is his core EM holding. EM has had a middling year. This gives you great diversification around the world, including Korea, Turkey and Mexico and not just the usual suspects.
(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Up 3%) Gains have been made recently. Trades are chunky. BHAV capitalizes of investor over-reaction after earnings reports. They lowered their MER. Low volumes, though. He's confident about BHAV long-term.
(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Up 7%) ESG investing has become a global rage; pension funds are using it and pushing the market for more ESG products. iShares was the first to release a suite of ESG products (last year). Admittedly, the first year of XSEA has been so-so.
This ETF is only a year old. He calls it air bags for your portfolio. It's a momentum-based value strategy that's based on academic research following trendlines. Now, SBEA is fully invested in stocks, but can go into income if the market turns down. Generally, be defensive starting now.
MER of 1.4%. It's an inverse product, so if markets will go down, this ETF will go up. But you must watch HIX everyday to see how trading goes, because this is a daily reset.