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(A Top Pick Jun 10/19, Up 3%) A good, simple entry into Canada. This is cheap and tax-effective. This is all cap, so it covers all Canadian caps. He's a fan of Vanguard.
(A Top Pick Jun 10/19, Up 7%) Every corporation must spend on cybersecurity to protect them. CYBR is recession-proof, not risky.
(A Top Pick Jun 10/19, Up 2%) He's been a very long-term bull on emerging markets. FLEM tilts towards value stocks. You pay an extra 15 basis points for this kind of exposure and it's worth it.
Based on a Nobel-prize winning economist who studied investors who make behavioural mistakes. Often, stocks are oversold--a market over-reaction--on an aearnings miss. So, you're buying on the dips.
Emerging markets hold 85% of the world's population, 50% of GDP, but only 15% of market cap. So, the market cap doesn't reflect population. The long-term (5+ years) trend is very favourable for EM. There is growth potential here.