John DeGoey
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(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Down 6%) He's long-term with EM (20 years) and he still likes this space. EM valautions are very low, yet there's strong GDP growth with an emerging middle class. VEE includes nearly 30 countries including China, India, Mexico and Hungary.
(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Down 1%) This ETF is based on Nobel Prize winning behavioural scientific research about human overreaction to market moves. BHAV capitalizes on the irrational foibles/mistakes of traders (i.e. an earnings miss that results in a 10% drop).
(A Top Pick Apr 08/19, Down 1%) An ESG product for MSCI EAFE to get exposure outside North America, so it's very good for diversifying your portfolio. (Overall, he expects markets to be rangebound globally for the rest of 2019.)
Very low-cost and a Canadian all-cap (large and small). Very broad exposure yet diverse.
All corporations are spending on cyber-security, so there's lift on the way up and little downside.