Laura Lau
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(Top Pick Nov 8/11, Down 11.29%) Heavy oil differentials have to come down. This is the time for the biggest differentials and will improve in the summer. 6.25% dividend.
(Top Pick Nov 8/11, Up 36.97%) No longer exists. She would have kept the shares in the settlement.
(Top Pick Nov 8/11, Down 21.45%) Sentiment has been more and more negative against Columbian stocks. They could be bought out. She is neutral on the stock.
The original energy trust. Quietly transformed themselves over the last couple of years. They are starting to grow production – 9% this year. Trades at a multiple discount to everyone else. 5.6% healthy yield.
Her call is that long term interest rates go up which will benefit them and they will do so the most of all the Lifecos. Capital ratios are excellent. Thinks they can’t increase dividend until end of 2014