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Did a nice job of acquiring competition in areas where they were not as strong. Bad thing about this bank are rumours of nationalization but he doesn't think it will happen. Could be an $8-$10 stock and in 3 years a $20-$25 stock. When he purchases this, he'll take a front month “out of the money” call giving him room for capital appreciation with a ratio of possibly 3 of them.
Leaps of 2011 “in the money” options Calls around $12.50 strike. He'll also Sell 3 front month “slightly out of the money” options against that to collect premium and do that every month as time passes.
Oil is down because of a global recession and he doesn't think it's going to last. This one always performs well. As well he would buy an “out month” in the money Call, maybe 2011 and Sell on a ratio “out of the money” front month calls to bring in a little premium to help with the cost of the “out month” option.
Buy an “out month” option, a Leap (long term option) and go as far as 2011 and buy a Strike that's about $10 or $15 in the money. Only enter about 25%-30% as he thinks you are going to get better prices in the coming months.
Buy a Leap (long term option) and go as far as 2010/2011. Look for a Leap that is around 75 or 80 deltas. (Greek Variable?) Gives % change how much your option price will change with a corresponding movement in the stock price. (You would be buying Calls because you want to be Long.)