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Sector most out of favour right now is healthcare. This is one of the most respected companies in the world with a very strong balance sheet. A leader in all its businesses. Wonderful consumer business. Very cheap with a 14 multiple.
Oil has rallied from $30 to $70 but this stock has not and is actually down about 10%. Very strong balance sheet. A most favoured partner for people like Brazil and China who want an international oil company to help in explorations.
Relatively small company but the leading dominant provider of data to the pharmaceutical industry. When a drug company wants information about how its drugs are selling, what doctors are prescribing those drugs they go to this company. Great value at about 9X earnings.
(A Top Pick Aug 27/08. Down 14.22%.) Has had a very nice run lately.
(A Top Pick Aug 27/08. Down 13.9%.) An OK performer. Advertising market has been softer.