Dan Bastasic
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(A Top Pick May 27/05. No change.) A very attractively valued trust. Excellent growth opportunities. Yield about 7.5%. Excellent management. Conservative payout ratios.
(A Top Pick May 27/05. Up 8%.) Still likes. Represents good value anywhere between $24 and $26, so it's fairly valued at this point.
(A Top Pick May 27/05. Up 5%.) Very good value.
Excellent in terms of diversification. Very stable. Good payout ratios. Likes the valuation at these levels.
The big issue is their relationship with Calpine Corp (CPN-N) on which there are lots of rumours on bankruptcy. The only real connection is through Calpine Corp.'s Calgary Energy Centre which has long term contracts with them. This is a speculative Top Pick with a little bit more risk.