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(Top Pick May 23/14, Down 28.68%) The play is getting better and better for them. They run it to create long term value and she still likes it. LNG projects could be a potential outlet for their gas. They are one of the lower cost gas producers in the basin.
(Top Pick May 23/14, Down 38.13%) Iron ore prices went lower than anyone anticipated this year. We have seen the bottom now. The majority of its dividend is supported by royalty. The dividend is sustainable. 5.9%.
(Top Pick May 23/14, Up 22.75%) It is in the initial stages of finding a new trading range. Their investor day was very beneficial to the stock. Higher rates would benefit this company. You will have stronger core earnings growth than from the banks. 10-12% growth beyond 2016. She also likes their Asian platform.
She likes the dynamics of the rail industry. Barriers to entry are almost insurmountable. Consistent annual pricing gains. They have increased their market share in intermodal. Their operating efficiency is at the top end of the industry. They have the capability to get around Chicago which is a very congested area. The balance sheet is looking good. There should be continued share buy backs and dividend increases.
They have the end to end value chain. They have the network advantage. Their earnings are becoming more stable. Very stable contracted revenue streams. They continue to announce new projects and to move them forward. They can continue to grow in this environment.