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A group in which you can make money 2 ways. Most people think you can do it simply by harvesting the free cash flow. However, this is a consolidating industry and over the long term, occasionally you get lucky and one company buys another. Benefitting from the rollout of their digital telephone services. Also has the satellite business.
The dominant company in the food industry in North America. Very little competition. Have an opportunity in that the earnings are depressed in the short term because of 1) construction of a big distribution centre on the east coast at $0.05/0.06 a share and 2) penalized by high oil prices in the short term (delivery costs and stay at home patrons).
A contrarian pick. Deep cyclical company, hasn't gone out of business and has started to improve a little. Initially improvements have come through cost cutting, but expects it to eventually come though operating leverage.
Has a reasonable valuation at 11 X EBITDA or in arrears 20 X free cash flow. 2% dividend yield. Has made no major mistakes over the longer term. Financial and education sectors have lagged and are starting to look up. Infrastructure costs have already been sunk and margins should increase.
Likes their content, creativity in the company. 50% of the business is coming from specialty cable. Content and cable means good growth. Blockbusters gone. Taming radio. Marginal things will be sold for more than what they are on the books which will free up a couple of billion $'s.