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Stock Opinions by George Loughery

Westjet Airlines
Now has one less competitor. Expect airlines will tend to consolidate as they have a lot of fixed costs. Not a fan of airlines.
Domtar Inc.
For the long term, it's probably the best company in its sector. Industry has had pressures because of currency, dropping input costs and dropping fibre costs. If you are patient, and a long term holder, it should work out.
pulp trust
Canada Bread Co.
Has done phenomenally well. Looks like Maple Leaf is looking to take the company private. Squeeze play as the remaining float only costitutes 13% of the company. This is the reason for the stock increase, not the fundamentals of the company. They are making in the $3 vicinity and might improve 10% in the forward year. Too rich. Prefers George Weston (WN-T).
food processing
George Weston Ltd.
Bakery assets are attractive because they are coming through a wee bit of a cycle because of the Atkins diet phase and the sell of in the last couple of years.
food processing
Yellow Pages Limited
A popular stock with a strong institutional demand. The premier income trust.
communications / media
Great West Lifeco
Always been the top quality company in its sector. Well run. Could do better on their US operations. Canada Life acquisition is well behind them. Reasonably well placed, compared to its peer group. Stock price has probably had its major growth, so will probably be slower. First couple of interest rate increases might help them because they have stipulated minimums in some of the states where they haven't obtained legislative relief.
Home Depot
In the midst of a restructuring. They may be able to keep a leg up in a bit of a downmarket by pursuing restructuring. Changing spaces to be more friendly to women which has paid off. Moving into appliances.
specialty stores
Alcan Aluminum
Has been a laggard. Of all the commodities, aluminum is the one that has probably had the least move to date. An oligopolistic type of industry. Well disciplined. Fairly tight in supply, so should move eventually.
integrated mines
Eli Lilly & Co.
A little bit of risk in a 3/6 month view as to whether they can retain their patent on Sprizecta (?), but the longer term they have the best drug pipeline and growth in the sector. OK for a long term hold.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Pfizer Inc
A good long term hold. Historically cheap.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical
Toronto Dominion
Had a pull back because of the Bank North deal. US residents selling their TD shares they received put short term pressure on the stock.
Encana Corp
Has had a pretty sharp move since the beginning of the year. Has conducted itself admirably within the group. Have done all the right things. Traded the right properties and tilted their mix towards natural gas. The easy money's been made. If you own, take some profit.
oil / gas
Viacom Inc.
The big media companies are out of favour, so they bought them as contrarian holdings. In the process of restructuring. The assets would be worth a lot more sold than the company is as an operation.
entertainment services
Time Warner Inc
The big media companies are out of favour, so they bought them as contrarian holdings.
Accounting is not that trustworthy. The drug delivery technology they have is of some value, but it is difficult to assess the intrinsic value.
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