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Governments will be spending a lot of money on infrastructure. Single biggest problem with global infrastructure is electrical grids. Most technology used in substations and across transmission and distribution, dates from the 1940's. This company makes high-end networking gear. They have 60% market share.
Top Short Losing market share. New products coming out and the rumour is that they are terrible. Losing money and has debt. Could be in chapter 11 a year from now.
Doesn't like semiconductors or the PC business but feels they are going to continue picking up share from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD-N). Have 45 nm process architecture. Able to supply 25 to 50 million new chips for the new netbooks.
(A Top Pick Apr 25/08. Up 55%.) Specialize in power converters that get electricity onto the electrical grid from green power applications. Wound down all of his funds at the end of October.
Preferred A's. (A Top Pick Apr 25/08. Down 10%.) Now that they have sold their bakery division, it is not known what the company is going to do. Yields about 8.6%.