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Biggest food services firm in the world. They always have the ability to use their scale to drive down their cost. It gives you a base when things are in rough shape.
589 Million subscribers. Great growth. Growing a subscriber base at 5 Million a month. Signed contract with Blackberry and once they get that out in their system (modify system), it is another wave for them. Good growth.
Laptops. Produce 90% of all notebooks on a global basis. Will be getting into the tablet producers. There were 80 different tablets in Las Vegas at the show. Low multiple.
(Top Pick Nov 23/10, Up 13.49%) They produce cancer drugs. They produce LCD crystals. Interesting company. Descent pipeline on the pharma side.
(Top Pick Nov 23/10, Up 41.82%) Largest gas producer in the world. Extensive pipeline system. They are good oil producers as well. Pretty good-sized oil producers.