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Institutions are paying a premium for companies they believe can have production growth. This company acquired very interesting projects in Australia at a very low price. Now a significant producer. Bumped up estimates from 100,000 ounces of production to 120,000 with a potential target of 500,000.. Long-term prospects look extremely good.
2 world-class projects. Rattlesnake is a multimillion-ounce project. Just announced a major discovery in Nevada. Grossly undervalued.
Iron ore project in Labrador. Management has had great past success.
(A Top Pick June 3/09. Up 70.69%.) Still a Buy. Favourite takeover target.
(A Top Pick June 3/09. Up 1.05%.) Multi-project company mainly in Ontario, with 3 advanced stage exploration. More than a survivor in the exploration business and is only a question of when that one of its major partners decides to buy in or take them over.