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(A Top Pick Aug 25/17.)
(A Top Pick Aug 25/17. Down 1.84%.) Gold and gold stocks have 2 periods of seasonal strength. One is from the end of July until the end of September, and then it goes down, bottoms around the middle of December and then goes higher until February. This year gold and gold bullion peaked a little early, around the middle of September. The worst period to own gold and gold equities is from October through to December.
(A Top Pick Aug 25/17. Down 1.69%.) If you own this, you are going into a period of seasonal strength and should stick with it and buy more.
This has strong seasonality from the middle of December through to about the end of February.
The oil service stocks are starting to show signs of seasonal strength. The seasonal period of strength is from the middle of December right through until the end of April. Technically, the stock completed a reverse head and shoulders pattern, implying upside. Dividend yield of 1.5%. (Analysts' price target is $54.)