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Likes the way they diversified into global asset management. Good management. North America’s largest hydro producer. Tremendous portfolio of Class A real estate. Really a global asset infrastructure play.
(Preferred A) Likes the free cash flow and dividends (currently over 4%).ROE of about 13%. Good growth potential despite all the competition. Has a new product called OpticTV, which has proven to be quite successful and will help them to compete.
With changes in pricing and the changes in markets, competition has been stabilized and is starting to diminish. 4.8% yield is supportable. Trading at 11X next year’s earnings. Reasonable dividend growth.
Thinks they are the strongest financial institution in Canada. Has a tremendous franchise. Thinks their US assets are manageable. Incredibly cheap at 9 X next year's earnings. Yield of 5.6%.
Good cash flow. They have a tremendous advantage in their reserves.