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(A Top Pick Feb 10/17. Down 12.18%.) They were thinking of selling themselves, but that didn’t work out. They have great assets, and this is one of the better management teams in finding and developing assets at a low cost.
(A Top Pick Feb 10/17. Down 18.88%.) A lot of the smaller intermediate names have suffered. This is a good little company. They did a large equity issue at the end of last year to buy some assets. It is going to take some time to see the results. Great management.
(A Top Pick Feb 10/17. Down 10.99%.) Loves the management team. Saskatchewan/Alberta with light oil. This is a dividend paying model where they can grow production 7%-10% a year. Pays about a 3% dividend, but all from the confines of cash flow. They are not taking on more debt to build the company. As the price of oil goes up, they’ll either do more acquisitions or they’ll raise the dividend again. Dividend yield of around 3%.
Great assets and great management. A core holding in a dividend paying portfolio. A low-cost producer of light oil in Saskatchewan and Alberta. They aim to grow production 7%-10% per year. 2.9% dividend yield.
They had a mine in Eritrea, which was first gold, then copper, and now a very rich zinc zone. They are currently having some trouble separating the copper and zinc. However, the big asset they bought was Reservoir Minerals with a big high grade copper/gold deposit in Serbia. They slashed their dividend down to 1.61% to redirect proceeds into the next project, which a lot of investors didn’t like. The mine is going to be very profitable. (Analysts’ price target is $5.13.)