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(A Top Pick May 22/19, Down 22%) He sold back in February. He had owned it since 2003. He finally felt it was time to sell the stock. They made a number of not so lucrative acquisitions over the last few years and he felt it was time to move on to something else.
(A Top Pick May 22/19, Down 2%) The biggest company in actuators, which are fluid valves electronically activated. He had been attracted to them being an asset-light company. It was built on acquisitions but over the last two years have been trying to rationalize them.
(A Top Pick May 22/19, Up 9%) He likes the pharma and medical devices areas. He bought when it was suffering from a couple of law suits. They are a minor player in the affected sectors. He likes the healthcare sector.
This is one of the ones he deployed cash into recently. It will be a survivor in the restaurant and fast-food industries. They were generating good sales through COVID. As incomes were being hurt, people could still afford to go to McDonalds. For a lot of independents, they could be out of business if they aren’t already. (Analysts’ price target is $202.60)
This one is going to be a survivor and people are going to want to do business with them. When things start to normalize people are going to want to go to Disney World. ESPN is going to come back as sports come back. People are ONLY going to be able to watch sports as they won’t be able to go watch them for a while yet. Online movie streaming is more profitable for them than selling to a movie theater. Cruse lines are a small part of the company. Next year he thinks the dividend will come back. (Analysts’ price target is $118.68)