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(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Up 5%) He bought this as the company has been under pressure following issues with their customers. They finally hired a new CEO, who was accepted by the market. There have been growth constraints placed on them by regulators and now they seem to be getting their act together. It is starting to follow the other US banks. He is happy to continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Up 39%) It is a specialty semi-conductor manufacturer for factory automation and automobiles. They were subject to a takeover bid at $120. The Chinese government did not allow the deal to go through, which caused the stock to plunge below $80 -- it seemed like a smart play to buy when a big player was willing to pay much more. He is happy to continue to hold.
(A Top Pick Nov 08/18, Up 7%) A German specialty chemical company that trades on the Pink Sheets in New York. They brought in a new CEO who has concentrated on their winning businesses. Interest is starting to come back into Germany and he sees good upside to come.
It has been a long time since they have held a Japanese company. They are near the end of their "patent cliff", when the share price is negatively impacted by patent protection ending. They specialize in new cancer drugs and have a lot of new patents coming forward. Japan and healthcare shares are improving. Yield 2.17% (Analysts’ price target is $19.40)
He has recommend this before. It is the largest actuator company -- values that move and control fluid flows. They had acquired a bunch of companies that they have been able to digest. They are a low asset holding, high margin business. Yield 1.79% (Analysts’ price target is $4.09)