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(A Top Pick Nov 08/19, Down 7%) All pharmas face a "patent cliff" where they drugs they developed are about to go generic, so companies need to develop new drugs or buy companies. Theirs ended in March. This is going from a value into a growth stock. They now have 3 drugs in the pipeline, including a blader cancer one, a prostate one, and one for severe menopause which has great potential and awaiting approval. The stock hasn't done much, but the potential is high.
(A Top Pick Nov 08/19, Down 1%) They're the biggest maker of actuators, devices which signal valves to open and close and allow pumping of fluids. These are used in oil/gas refining. He sold this earlier this year. Nothing wrong with the stock, but he owns a similar stock. A fine company.
You need to look outside Canada to find a quality miner. Our mining companies sold at peak prices in the last cycle. This is a fine Australian one in copper, iron ore and metallurgical coal that goes into steel production; also in oil and gas. You need to own commodity companies when their commodity is doing well. China's economy is recovering and driving up prices. Big upside, but remember mining companies are cyclical--own in good times, but don't hold on. (Analysts’ price target is $54.69)
They're a Spanish travel company. He sees travel bouncing back. AMADY is the reservation system for the world travel industry--airlines, cruises and travel agencies for bookings. It's gaining market share. Travel will recover in stages. This is well-capitalized and well-run.
A UK company. They make minimally invasive surgical equipment. Hip and joint surgeries were cancelled/postponed during Covid which hurt SN's sales, but there's a huge backlog. This will bounce back after Covid. (Analysts’ price target is $41.33)