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(A Top Pick May 29/18, Down 40%) They make electronic products for other manufacturers, like Cisco. There has been a lot of new product spending delays in the space and this is hurting them. The valuation is great and the company continues to buy back their own shares.
(A Top Pick May 29/18, Up 26%) They grow by acquisition. The CEO is a little off-putting, but he is brilliant and does a great job identifying targets.
(A Top Pick May 29/18, Down 5%) A east coast regional bank in the US. It has proposed a major merger, the biggest since the financial crisis. A high quality management team with high quality assets. He continues to prefer holding US financial assets versus Canadian.
A unique Canadian mulit-national producer of pressure sensitive labels -- the world's largest in the space. They have owned it for over 15 years. A family owned company. The latest quarter was exceptional. Yield 1.2% (Analysts’ price target is $66.88)
Trades in London and on the Pink Sheets. The largest producer in the world of actuators -- an electronic signal for pumps used by refineries. They have lightened the top-heavy operations to improve gross margins. Yield 1.9% (Analysts’ price target is $311.12)