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(A Top Pick Sep 25/18, Down 35%) He sold at $48 and took some loss. He thought the new free trade agreement would benefit the auto industry and it has not been ratified yet. Their agricultural business has been hit by China not buying our grains.
(A Top Pick Sep 25/18, Down 52%) It is an auto parts wholesaler in Canada and Britain and an auto paint distributor in the US, where they are having some problems. They were to do a strategic review but they have not done it yet. He moved on.
(A Top Pick Sep 25/18, Down 10%) It is a great company but we had a terrible spring in North America so inventories build up. Long term he thinks it is great.
It is a money-centered, large bank in the US. It was an amazing bank but in recent years they got caught cross selling things to people that they should not have. They had a change in management. He hopes earnings growth will start again under this new management. (Analysts’ price target is $49.80)
Heath care stocks have not been in favour. JNJ-N has been in the penalty box with the opioid lawsuits. They only had 1% of the sales in this, however. (Analysts’ price target is $148.53)