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Stock Opinions by Norman Levine

Recommends increasing exposure to banks in both Canada & the USA. Rising interest rates is good for financial companies. As interest rates go up, banks are able to pass this cost onto costumers without increasing costs. Owns RBC and would recommend buying it.
Believes company is the ultimate value stock. Value stocks starting to do well again vs. growth stocks. All of the companies it owns are good bets against inflation. Thinks the company will continue to do well. Balance sheet has a ton of cash.
BHP Billiton
Believes economy is in the process of a commodity super cycle. Commodities benefit from rising inflation rates. Shortage of many materials including copper. Very diversified business with interests in many commodities. Wants to go where real profits & dividends are instead of speculating in junior players.
other mines
Tourmaline Oil Corp
Believes company stock price has further room to grow. Best managed company in natural gas business. Sells a lot of natural gas into California market at a premium. Believes natural gas prices will remain strong (reduced drilling and growing economy). Additional dividend payouts and share buybacks are great for shareholders.
oil / gas
(A Top Pick May 07/21, Up 14%) Believes company is in process of optimization previous mergers. Covid-19 pandemic has had adverse affect on company, which created a good buying opportunity. As economy re-opens the company will do well. Continues to own the stock.
Estee Lauder
(A Top Pick May 07/21, Up 8%) Believes company will benefit as economy opens up after Covid-19 pandemic. Makeup sales will grow as people return to normal life. Re-opening offices, stores and restaurants will see women use more makeup. Company has superb management and products.
Consumer Products
(A Top Pick May 07/21, Down 2%) Believes company will do better as economy opens up after Covid-19. Needs travel volume to increase in order for company to maximize potential. As travel volume returns the companies performance will increase. Will continue to own stock.
Doesn't own stock because doesn't understand business. Business has been a money machine for company and shareholders. Thinks it is a good business to own. Keep the stock if you already own it and understand the business.
management / diversified
Linamar Corp
Trades mostly as an auto parts company. Covid-19 has had negative affect on auto sales. As economy re-opens and chip shortages reduce, company will do better. Thinks Magna International is a better company.
transportation equip & components
Believes company is a value stock. One of the world's largest manufacturers of pumps (mainly used in energy industry). Well manged company that is flush with cash. Expecting a special dividend soon. As energy prices increase, demand will increase for pumps.
Open Text
Believes company multiple is coming down due to interest rate increases. Owns the stock, but would not rush out to buy more stock.
computer software / processing
Wells Fargo
Believes financial stocks are going to do well with rising interest rates. Hold the stock if you own it.
If a long term investor, hold the stock. Believes company is the best retailer in North America. Valuations may swing up and down, but good to keep owning the stock. Company money is made from membership dues, not from product sales (low margins).
department stores
Saputo Inc.
Believes company has suffered from Covid-19 pandemic closures. Management issues and inflation also negative for company. Wait until company returns to better times before buying.
food processing
Believes company will remain strong for long period of time regardless of Federal government policy. Company expanding into renewables. Traditional oil & gas demand not going away. Good company to own.
gas pipelines
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