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(A Top Pick July 4/05. Down 27%.) Below the 50/200-day moving averages. Chart shows a strong downtrend. Had suggested this as a Christmas rally stock.
(A Top Pick July 4/05. Up 100.3%.) This will depend on gold prices, which he expects will be higher. A possible head and shoulder pattern is forming on the charts, which is positive.
Over 100 million ounces of silver equivalent has been confirmed from the Mexican properties. Since then, there had been a lot more discoveries, which should move it over the 200 million. Going through a technical correction at this point. Have only done about 30% of their drill programs.
They invest in other companies and get royalty flows from this. Chart shows it is forming a triangular pattern. It is not quite finished yet as these tend to play out in 5-waves.
A pure lead play. Demand is huge for lead. Chart shows a classic Cup and Handle pattern which are also symmetrical triangles.