Fabulous semiconductor company. Produces systems that are used for vision in machines. Sensors to improve manufacturing. Innovative, lots of new products a year. Strong record of execution. Yield is 0.35%. (Analysts’ price target is $53318.89)

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(A Top Pick Jan 03/18, Down 10%) When spending started to slow down in the auto sector he exited. You have to get out when the cycle ends.

They make machine vision systems. They are one of three. They are very interesting businesses. He sold earlier in the year because it had done very well for him and there was a slowing in capital spending plans in automation. He would always keep it on the watch list.


(Past Top Pick, Aug.14, 2017, Up 30%) They make sensors to let robots see. He's owned it for five years. It has a 55% operating profit margin and 80% gross margins. As cap spending increases, he thinks more will go to automation, including robot vision.


This is a Japanese corporation. They literally allow robots to see. They also make different kinds of sensors. Their value proposition is that their products pay back for their clients, very frequently in under 12 months. He doesn’t believe they’ve had a down year, because the products provide such strong payback to clients. (Analysts’ price target is 71,577¥)


There are really only 3 companies in high end machine vision. These companies produce gear that literally allow robots to see. There has been an explosion in demand across multiple industries. Dividend yield of 0.2%. (Analysts' price target is ¥70,000.)


Robotics? The leaders in robotics are in Japan. The applications are really broad. Everything from robotic arms to the manufacturing of cars.

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What is Keyence Corp stock symbol?

Keyence Corp is a OTC stock, trading under the symbol KYCCF-5 on the (). It is usually referred to as or KYCCF-5

Is Keyence Corp a buy or a sell?

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