This is still not one where he is ready to jump in. We have some great software/technology companies in Canada. It is a fairly small, narrowly based business at this point in time, and he doesn’t see anything that grabs him. The lumpiness of its historical earnings is also a concern.

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(Top Pick Dec 19/13, Down 2.76%) He moved shops and the market cap was too small to buy at his new employer. They lost a large contract, but back filled it. Their earnings will be strong in 2016.

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They help with Help-Wanted and draw on a huge amount of different locations, websites and other sources. They match requirements, locations and costs to the advantage of clients. Could be an acquisition target by a large computer company.

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New CEO. This company basically cobbles together all the “help wanted” postings and provide access to the database to governments and companies. Not only can they tell you how many people are available, but also tell you if it is going to be a task to find somebody in that specific niche. Not a head-hunter, just the data. Looks like there is growth opportunity.

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Great company and great technology, but they have a kind of lumpy cycle. The financial year they are coming into right now is going to be a bit muted and the following year should be quite strong. This has to do with the timing of contracts and the timing of investments and launches. It might stall out on you for about 6 months until people start anticipating the following financial year. The catalyst for better earnings is still 6-9 months away. If you are in for a 3-4 year view, you are going to do well, but if your timeframe is shorter than that it may not be as happy an experience.

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Was a Top Pick a year and a half ago. He still likes the story. No analyst coverage and at some point there will be. Not afraid to buy it at these prices. HR Management.

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This company does software for the job hiring market. The track record is pretty good, but small for the size of company he is looking for, and the focus is fairly narrow. Screens well, and is on his watchlist. If they continue to do the things they are doing, he could see this becoming a holding for him. If you have a little bit of mad money, he wouldn’t have a problem being a Buyer.

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Analytical software for HR. Helps you find people and save a lot of costs with each hire. Revenue was up 25% but EPS was up 300%. Growth in earnings should be more than 20% this year. A great chunk of shares from private equity got sold, increasing liquidity.

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