He bought it because they have a large, low grade copper/nickel deposit in Minnesota. They were expecting to find a high grade feeder, but did not after drilling, so he sold out of it. It is now all about getting the metallurgy to work and it is a complex system. It is advancing and they have a shot.

precious metals

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(Market Call Minute.) Major operations in Minnesota. Platinum group metals based precious metals.

precious metals

Sees this as a poly metallic mineral deposit that has a very, very complex metallurgical recovery strategy. He sees high front-end capital costs, which probably can’t be raised in this cycle. The deposit will go into production at some point in time, maybe 7 years from now, maybe 11.

precious metals

(Market Call Minute.)

precious metals

(Market Call Minute) Large PGM deposit in Minnesota.

precious metals

They’ve got a massive copper/nickel plus PGM deposit in Minnesota that is being developed by their joint venture partner Antofagasta. Antofagasta has to spend $158 million on this and then take it to feasibility and Duluth is carried for 60%. Effectively you are getting the company for free and whatever else they’ve got going is your upside.

precious metals
Multi-metal situation. It’s one of these large ones that are attempting to capitals on this massive gain in the values of commodities.
precious metals
Metals and mining sector has been the outstanding category. Has pretty good support but if it fell below current level he would be a little concerned. Consider using a Stop around $1.95.
precious metals
Fantastic looking chart. Chart shows a 70% gain in December and then had a pause before taking off again with a 52% gain to a new high of $3.32. Exploration risks. One more positive news item and you can see another 25%-50% increase.
precious metals
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