(A Top Pick Sep 02/21, Down 50%) It is in the helium space and has the best well in North America. That one well when in a commercial state could be worth $1.95 in cash. Its business is better than ever. One analyst has a price target of $4.25 and another a target of $3.50.
(A Top Pick Sep 02/21, Down 30%) Health care is moving into homes so it is in a good spot. It is still making accretive acquisitions and guiding 30% higher revenue. It is in 19 states. He continues to hold the debentures.
(A Top Pick Sep 02/21, Down 61%) It is in the home monitoring business which could be huge one day. The business is operating well and signing up more patients. It receives around $50.00 per patient per month. It is a good time to buy now. A small cap.
computer parts mnfctr
The energy sector has come off in the past month but could stay fairly strong depending on the slow down in the economy. Trading is based on commodity prices. Wait for a pull back. Central banks in Asia are actually starting to cut rates to stimulate the economies.
oil / gas
The question was on Canadian banks. There are recession worries so the banks are trading at quite interesting yields, historically. He recently added BNS and BMO to the Income portfolio and will add more. With a long term horizon, 5 to 10 years you will have a great yield.
The Cannabis space has had its difficulties so Indiva has pivoted to a manufacturing company. It has done deals in the U.S. and is developing new products. Its products are popular but there was a recent hiccup involving deliveries. The full year should show better results. Eventually it should be taken out. He owns in the Cannabis portfolio.
The name of the company was indistinct and this is the closest result in the data base. It is a biotech company focused on brain health. It acquired an AI company called Metro Mark. It is signing more and more deals with pharmaceutical companies for up-front and royalty payments.
biotechnology / pharmaceutical