Sell off. The summer has been a pretty benign period that may have lulled some investors into a false sense of security. We are heading into a tunnel and markets are readjusting. The sharp rebound we saw is stalling out. There is uncertainty of the length of fiscal stimulus. Investors are starting to take some money off the table. Canadian dividend stocks are outperforming month to date.
Infrastructure stocks. He's been focusing on the energy grid and renewable energy in terms of infrastructure. There is unprecedented fiscal stimulus coming into the economy and infrastructure stocks should profit from it.
The shares have come back and there are some segments of the business which is under-appreciated still. There are assets that have hidden value in the company that has surfaced in the past year. Their capital expenditure on fibre optic and wireless network are further advanced than its competitors.
telephone utilities
They are one of the most sophisticated private investors in the world. It is a little expensive right now. The dividend yield is around 4% which is better than bonds. You would want to look at it when the whole market shows weakness.
Energy Infrastructure, Industrials & Utilities
A company he has looked at but has not purchased. The packaging business for e-commerce is a good opportunity. The business is steady and they have raised yield but it isn't as good as some infrastructure stocks.
packaging / containers

A value play within a value play, which is the financial sector. It has lagged significantly both YTD and in the recent recovery. You get life insurance, Great West Life, and asset management. The company isn't in danger but there are better opportunities elsewhere.

mngmnt / diversified
All the companies in the space are attractively valued right now, and he would prefer to look elsewhere for better opportunities. A potential takeover candidate. There are better companies with better risk to reward.
oil / gas