Money flows from cyclicals to defense if a vaccine comes in 2021? Residential property REITS have been resilient in the REIT space. Likes and respects this company. The bigger secular stories are demographics, immigration and urbanization. CAP managers have executed well for many years. Short-term, this is low beta. So, if there's a massive recovery (via a vaccine), money will flow from REITS like this as well as tech. But long-term, this is a proven value creator.
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Silver outlook after recent run-up He's not a commodities expert, but gold and silver are in primary bull markets. Gold is enigmatic, especially--so, obey what the charts tell you. This means, when gold makes moves, it makes BIG, bold moves, not small ones. Gold could go much higher in years to come. Silver is like high-beta gold with fewer markets and less participation from central banks and ETFs. Silver has more industrial uses than gold, so if there's a broad recovery, silver should do well. We're in the early stages of a recovery, and he expects gold and silver to do well.
The stock is mispriced, because it's mid-sized, doesn't carry a huge weight in the TSX and has little analyst coverage. It's been dragged down by apathy towards all oil, an unloved sector. But he still buys it, and he expects better commodity prices and/or weaker companies will fade and investors will realize that Parex is a cash-rich, resilient company. Be patient.
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(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Up 9%) Provides software to medium/large businesses. It does cloud and content management for companies, so demand is high. 80% of revenues are recurring with high margins. They're seeing strength in government and healthcare. Their Q4 2020 earnings blew past estimates, growing an impressive 11% YOY during a recession. Continues to buy it.
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(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Down 17%) Sold it. He didn't foresee the pandemic or the OPEC-Russia price war of April. They make crude in western Canada and crude prices have been killed.
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(A Top Pick Sep 04/19, Down 41%) Sold it in mid-January, luckily. The stock has slid in half since. He didn't see the pandemic and oil price coming then, and now there's too much uncertainty in the retail space to return to it.
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Rumours that the Air Canada deal will fall apart and someone will take Transat private The whole airline sector is facing difficulty now. Air Canada's takeover offer likely won't offer given the pandemic. Transat's revenues are down nearly 98% last quarter and begging Ottawa for help. A private take-out is possible; who knows? Airlines are uninvestible now.