Latest Stock Buy or Sell?

Today, Frank Mersch commented about whether CEU-T, STLC-T, TSGI-T, LNR-T, CNQ-T, ENGH-T, SJR.B-T, RCI.B-T, ACB-T, BAC-N, F-N, V-N, TECK.B-T are stocks to buy or sell.


Market. In the case of 5G he wants to position himself in the companies that have the most spectrum. There is a spectrum auction coming up shortly. The incumbents will probably share 53% and the rest goes to smaller companies. Cellular is going to change all kinds of occupations in years to come. AI is more applicable to more industries than block chain. In the future you probably won't need a radiologist. The insurance companies will love this as they won't have to employ all these people. He is involved in an AI start up fund.


The company has gone from simply a coal producer and then to a metallurgical coal producer and now by Q4 Fort Hills will come on stream with copper, coal and energy. Nice transformation in the company. There is a hiccup in all the commodities today. The 10 year bond is looking like it will break 290. He is surprised how well the market is behaving today. He would be a buyer on a pull back.


A payments company. In the last 6-9 months they purchased the Euro portion of this company. We are seeing more and more payments of this kind occurring. Payment systems are being embraced globally. Visa and Master card are clearly winning.

other services

An auto manufacturer and the worst performer of the group. When you look at tariffs on steel, it will affect the price of a car. The question is whether the auto companies can move the costs on quickly. He does not think Ford can pass the costs through. We are probably getting to the tail end of the growth in sales. Let it play out before taking an interest.


Once we get through trade issues we will start to see 10 year rates rise higher. He thinks loan growth will continue to grow in the US. This along with MG-N he has no problem putting into the portfolio.


They have been acquiring a lot of businesses. They are managing a growth profile. Bu you should be concerned about the dilution. There are concerns that they will do underwritings and go lower. He is short. He is long others in the space. Cannabis is quite different in Canada than in the US. You can’t do the edibles. You are just a grower/distributor and trying to develop a brand without advertizing. It is going to b a different approach for a number of years. The future growth is in the edibles. See HMMJ-T. The bulk of the group is at risk. We have not seen anybody process in bulk because it is still illegal to produce.


5 G Networks. This is going to be bigger than the Internet. He is not sure he completely agrees with that but with the smart cities including automated cars, we need this. It actually uses less power at the end of the day. It is 100 times faster than 4G. FB-Q and so on have basically built their companies with no infrastructure because they use the internet.