Thinks it can maintain the dividend. Thinks it will do all right for one of the smaller energy companies. 8.7% dividend.

oil / gas

Investors are a little skittish and this one had a phenomenal run. The catalyst for this one will be Europe. A really well run company and this may be an opportunity to pick up more. Short positions have evaporated over the last month. A name that screens very well.

food stores

In the seasonal strength period. Don’t buy now. You want to wait until you seen an overall pickup in Nat Gas activity, which depends on LNG.

oil / gas field services

Royalty company, so if you produce a commodity, you might get silver as well as what you are after and so SLW buys silver futures from you as cash up front and some see this as a form of last resort financing. SLW often does better when you do. Gold and silver tend to sell together and gold is low. Silver held a little bit better but silver will get hit if gold does and he thinks gold will.

metal mines

Owns and likes it. There is social media, analytics of data and the cloud. This is where these guys operate. They will do well with the cloud.

computer software / processing

Doesn’t like it. Too defensive. They have been struggling to come up with a new strategic direction. It has been trying to right size itself for some time and it is quite painful to watch.

oil / gas

It has stalled out. Issue is the going to market to finance acquisitions. Well managed and he likes their commodity focus, but sentiment has changed because of equity issues.

Oil and Gas (Integrated Oils)