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(A Top Pick June 27/16. Up 9.95%.) The long-term case is that the world needs more food, and to maximize production, you need fertilizer. They have a great retail business which continues to grow. He wouldn’t be inclined to own it here because they are going to merge with Potash (POT-T), which will make them a major player in potash which, in the short term, creates quite a few questions. He would avoid this here.
(A Top Pick June 27/16. Up 24.19%.) He still likes this and it is still a Buy for a long-term buyer.
(A Top Pick June 27/16. Up 29.82%.) One of his 3 favourites along with Bank of Montréal (BMO-T) and Toronto Dominion (TD-T). This is one that you can buy here and hold it happily. (See Top Picks.)
This is water. Given the rise in world temperatures, and given the droughts in specific areas, water is going to be in a major scarcity mode. This company is a major player in that area. They are a very socially responsible company and recognize the problems, and are pouring more and more money into R&D. They are basically working with their customers in a broad range of water usage. They have a global orientation. Trading at 23.5X this year’s earnings which is somewhat expensive, but he is seeing consistent double-digit growth. Dividend yield of 1.3%. (Analysts’ price target is $55.)
He likes their PNC business, the efficient quality of their loans and the efficiency that they are running their affairs. They are very focused on cutting costs and making the whole organization more efficient. The quality of their credit losses is one of the best of the bunch. Also, likes that they can innovate with new marketing, especially in the US. Dividend yield of 3.7%. (Analysts’ price target is $71.)