Ian Ainsworth
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Vice President, Investments at
MacKenzie Financial Corp.

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Been under pressure - undue concern about health care in the states. If that happens he thinks this one will do better and recommends taking advantage of this move. Just won the sigma contract. Down around 16 times earnings and thinks they will be taken out at some point. Lower highs and lower lows but he goes on fundamentals.
Private clouds will take off. If they do then this is in an incredibly good position because they own it.
Quite an amazing little company. Biggest market in face and skin creams. Prestige beauty market is growing and these guys are growing faster. Owner is 75 years old and there is potential for a takeout but that is not why he buys it. Diversity of brands and countries.
(Top Pick Aug 29/12, Up 47.63%) Biggest holding in all his funds. One of the cheapest plays on this new technology. They should split it but doesn’t know if they will. Larger server manufacturer in the world, just using them internally.
(Top Pick Aug 29/12, Down 33.31%) A disappointment for him. Grew service business, but we are seeing a shift away from infrastructure stocks. IT is a service rather than licensed hardware and software. Would not have expected this to affect them this quickly. Don’t be quick to sell it.