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This bank has been making some very strategic moves in terms of getting costs down. In terms of their US exposure, Harris is doing a lot better. They continue to make tuck in acquisitions. Increasing rates will be good for net interest margins. Dividend yield of 3.5%, and has had an excellent track record of dividend growth over the past decade. (Analysts’ price target is $101.20.)
They have to get some good synergies of their Shaw acquisition, and in terms of subscriber, they have to keep it up. In 2018, the CanWest payment of $5 million a year disappears. The payout ratio is starting to come back down. Dividend yield of 8.94%, which he thinks is secure, but he wouldn’t mind if they cut it to conserve cash and reinvest it in the business. (Analysts’ price target is $13.23.)
Life insurance companies are a classic way to play rising interest rates. This one is well-managed, and he particularly likes the fact that they have got the strong Asian market. He has a price target of $27 over the next year. Reasonable dividend yield of 3.41%. (Analysts’ price target is $27.67.)
Dividend is now over 3%. Looks like they are getting approval for the Reuters transaction. This will provide them with some great synergies. Very attractive price.
Just signed contracts at 65% increases to 5 major producers. This will mean that the distributions can increase. Reserve life is estimated at more than 35 years.