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This is a business that has strong long-term secular growth because of the pharmacy. They are also doing a wonderful job on the up-front side of the business. Margins are going up. There are aggressively growing their square footage by about 10% a year.
Most of their business is in the US so have had currency headwinds. Have great databases. Stock has come off because of the Reuters acquisition. Feels this transaction is going to add further value to the stock.
A good example of a very well run company in terms of astuteness and capital management. Good global diversification.
Companies like this, United Parcel (UPS-N) and DHL continue to control a larger and larger portion of goods around the world. This one has a huge global imprint. A good way to play the retail market. 15 X earnings. Big cash flow generator.
Laboratory testing. The leader in the United States. Fits in well with demographics and growth in diagnostic testing. Recently lost a contract with United Health, which took the stock down 20%. Good price. Great long-term position.