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Had a huge profit of 2.3 billion for first quarter. US has gone from 15% of revenue to 22%. Looking for another 10% growth plus picking up the yield over the next 10 months. They bought at an average cost of $51.70
They bought at $17.67. Since then they had Scientific Atlantic acquisition which he really liked (a strategic acquisition). More demand for communications equipment. Cisco is also moving into Voice Over IP (voip). By passing Ma. Bell.
railway - good way to play strong economic growth New CEO coming in. They have an opportunity to grow efficiencies. 5-8 % growth If oil prices drop they will benefit. Hey bought at $34, and still like it. Says buy at this low price.
Aluminum prices are going to move up, it looks like $0.90 to $1 next year. A lot of their energy costs are on long term fixed contracts. It is also possible that there may be a lightening of energy prices as well. The high energy costs and the management changes have put a lot of pressure on the stock which has created a buying opportunity.
The drop of $5 a share a few weeks ago was not an earnings related issue. It had spun out a company consisiting of its financial advisors. Earnings were quite good in the last report. Record profits. The caveat is if interest rates go up, it might constrict credit card use.